Iceland Poppy

Iceland Poppy

Sunday, January 23, 2011

Hello Again!

I have been missing in action for quite awhile.  Had a 'little' life crisis in 2009, see my profile for the short story.  But I'm going to try and revive my blog.  I plan to use this as my stimulus to get some  quilting UFO's finished up, some of my soapbox rantings, and an outlet to the need to share my joy.  So, being said; today I need to make a back for the Pine Tree Quilt top I will quilt on the 29th at my friend's quilt store.  I also want to add a larger border to the top, and lucky for me I think I've got enough matching fabric left to
accomplish this. 
   Currently I have been cutting from my very packed scrap bins for a couple of patterns that have sparked my scrappy interest.  I have come to the conclusion that I really do love working on scrappy quilts the best... I have more yardage than I'll be able to sew in two lifetimes, but that will allow me to make backs for all the tops I have yet to quilt, and stash to pay it forward when the need arises.  I won't say that I'll never purchase more fabric, because that just won't test true!  But I will be wiser in how much I purchase. Okay, I am going to go and search for my camera to snap a photo or two to post and keep myself on a forward path to finishing that massive UFO list of mine!

Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Early morning ramblings.....

It's getting way to late to still be up.... I do have to go to work today, but I have a closing shift, so that is a plus for me! I need at least eight hours of sleep, and often nine or ten is even better!

This past weekend my buddy and I sewed up a storm! Got my black and white blocks done for the About. Forum swap, now I need to label and get them to the Post Office. Finished the last row of my blue and yellow log cabin quilt.... haven't unearthed the rest of the top yet, but it's buried somewhere in the never ending pile of UFO's. Made a quilting date for the 18th of January to get a blue star quilt quilted on the longarm.

Started to fill my external hard-drive (that I got for Christmas) with all my digital scrapbook kits.... I think I might have to get another volume to put all my actual pictures on.... Like everything else I get into; I've just got tooooooo much stuff.

Work, slow to say the least. Bright spot is that by the weekend I'll have my first delivery of pansy and primrose for 2009!!!!! It is very windy, and lot's of rain. I'm talking drenching rain, not the mist, drizzle that the Puget Sound usually gets.... but downpours that are so noisy on the roof to the outside nursery area you can hardly hear the person next to you talk. There's so much water that the concrete floor is wicking water to the surface, and rain is running inside from the large doors that open to the front sidewalk area (think very large garage doors.) After spending my shift in that environment I feel like I've been in the water all day. I'm thankful that it has warmed up to the high 40's, I've had it with snow and ice and cold here on the west side of the Cascades.

Okay, enough for now. Hey, I also figured out how to add a playlist to my blog! LOL, that purple color has got to go..... not working for me in my green space here.

Sunday, January 4, 2009

Found a Gem!

I just found the funniest video on You Tube, Uncle Jay explains 2008, it's just the year in one silly nutshell! Check it out:

Wednesday, December 31, 2008

So, it's been a while......

Okay, so it's been a while...... Lot's of happenings, but I'm still standing & breathing in and out all day long! Here's a 5o Things List of 2008 for me:

1. I'm so proud of the American voters to have elected Obama for President.

2. I'm thankful that I'm still employed, still have a decent benefits package, and that I really do enjoy my job.

3. My SIL beat colon cancer this year! She's cancer free after a nasty two year battle; and with God's grace she will continue to remain healthy for a long, long time.

4. I got to go to Alaska for two weeks this past summer. It was one of the BEST trips I've ever taken!

5. I think I may finally be over my craving for bacon - I've only wanted it daily for several months now!!!!!

6. I still love my new digital camera that I got this summer; still striving to improve my photography, practice makes perfect (or so it is said.)

7. This past week I went to the movies and saw "Australia" - loved it! Need to own it as soon as the DVD is released, epic action and was entertained the whole way through. Hugh Jackman was a total bonus!

8. Turned the BIG 50 this past spring.... not as bad as when I hit 35; so I'm good with it.... not that there's really any option.

9. Finished only 8 bed sized quilts this past year... haven't done any actual quilting for months and months now..... I'm having withdrawals; will have to fire up Lizzie and get busy soon.

10. I've been organizing again.... still trying to get the sewing room and fabrics under control along with my scrapbooking, stamping, and jewelry making 'stuff' (I could be my own craft store!) So, I still have hope in my heart. Now that I'm an old bat I've given up on losing significant pounds, but I still think I can get myself and more importantly my 'stuff' organized.

Having just typed the last few lines I'll have to amend this list to 10 Things.... I'm laughing so hard it is too difficult to type. Hopefully it won't be a year or more before I post again!

Monday, December 3, 2007

First Thoughts

Sometimes I wonder what it is about me that drives me to endless collections. I am currently trying to deal with a mountain of quilting patterns, rulers, fabrics, threads, tops, battings and so on. Not only my own 'stash' with my best friends equally large 'stash' (since we live in the same house) - but my own Mother's and Auntie's stashes as well. Just after the first of the year I finally finished cleaning out my Mom's craft room, and moved her things that I felt the need to keep to my own house; then in Feb. my dear Auntie passed, and thru the summer and fall I have continued to receive her quilting things as well. More is still to come. There is hardly a room in this house without something quilt related in it. But it is all a blessing.
Yesterday I unpacked a box that had some unfinished projects (UFO's) of my Auntie I's quilts.... I was smiling thru tears as I saw her work, her notes on the patterns she was using, and the pieces she had pinned together to join. What a pleasure to be able to still share this hobby with her, she inspired my desire to quilt and now I feel honored to be able to bring some of her projects to completion.